Workbase has worked with a variety of organisations, interviewed and assessed over 30,000 non-managerial employees, designed and implemented training and development programmes to suit the needs of these organisations Internetowy Portfel. Some of these programmes have been run at minimal cost as funding has been available.

Our considerable experience, combined with a keen understanding of the ever- changing workplace and a determination to meet our clients? needs, has earned Workbase recognition and results in the following areas in particular:

BASIC & KEY SKILLS training and development
LIFELONG LEARNING in the workplace
As early as 1995 research based on the findings of training needs analysis carried out on 100 worksites by Workbase found the majority of front-line employees were willing to take on new roles and responsibilities, and keen to participate in job-related training. However, many felt that the value they could add to these roles and the gain they could get from training, was limited by their lack of confidence in their capabilities and basic skills