Workbase has worked with a variety of organisations, interviewed and assessed over 30,000 non-managerial employees, designed and implemented training and development programmes to suit the needs of these organisations Internetowy Portfel. Some of these programmes have been run at minimal cost as funding has been available. Our considerable experience, combined with a keen understanding of the […]

The Scale Of The Problem

Workbase is a national specialist training organisation, dedicated to providing and promoting learning and training for employees, in order to achieve a competitive and highly skilled workforce . Workbase was established in 1980 to meet the unmet needs of workplace basic skills, literacy and numeracy. It has worked with more than 200 organisations across a broad […]

Commercial experience

Personalisation is also one of the major issues in the development of in-company training. To meet the exact requirements of each client, retention of the core issues and how they are applied to the current business scenarios of the client is a primary concern. The combined experience of the professional speakers is broad enough to […]