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Workbase has worked with a variety of organisations, interviewed and assessed over 30,000 non-managerial employees, designed and implemented training and development programmes to suit the needs of these organisations http://internetowyportfel.pl. Some of these programmes have been run at minimal cost as funding has been available.


Our considerable experience, combined with a keen understanding of the ever- changing workplace and a determination to meet our clients? needs, has earned Workbase recognition and results in the following areas in particular:

BASIC & KEY SKILLS training and development
LIFELONG LEARNING in the workplace
As early as 1995 research based on the findings of training needs analysis carried out on 100 worksites by Workbase found the majority of front-line employees were willing to take on new roles and responsibilities, and keen to participate in job-related training. However, many felt that the value they could add to these roles and the gain they could get from training, was limited by their lack of confidence in their capabilities and basic skills

The Scale Of The Problem


Workbase is a national specialist training organisation, dedicated to providing and promoting learning and training for employees, in order to achieve a competitive and highly skilled workforce http://wszystkiechwilowki.pl . Workbase was established in 1980 to meet the unmet needs of workplace basic skills, literacy and numeracy. It has worked with more than 200 organisations across a broad client base in the private, public and voluntary sectors and with small and large employers.


Workbase pioneered workplace basic skills, developed methodologies to identify and meet the needs of employees and employers,. With over 20 years experience, Workbase is uniquely placed to help organisations develop their workforce in a professional and effective way.

Workbase has won both National and Regional Training Awards for literacy programmes for front-line staff. Understanding the needs of business has added to the Workbase expertise that has made workplace basic skills programmes highly beneficial to the companies. Workbase has been an Investor in People since 1994 and advises and consults with organisations so that they can achieve Investors in People. Meeting employers? business needs have been assisted by the support that Workbase receives from employer organisations such as the CBI, local government organisations, the TUC and individual trades unions such as GMB, T&G and MSF.

Commercial experience


Personalisation is also one of the major issues in the development of in-company training. To meet the exact requirements of each client, retention of the core issues and how they are applied to the current business scenarios of the client is a primary concern.

The combined experience of the professional speakers is broad enough to encompass major client consultancy projects as well as specialist in-company training for individual clients whatever their size or expectation http://kamagra2020.pl . Using the category management approach guarantees that the client will meet with the industry?s best talent within a defined area of expertise rather than a generalist approach which can so often disappoint. Hawksmere?s speakers have been selected with the additional skills of listening and interpreting client needs. This ensures that each project is progressed to include a cultural and organisational match relevant to the management, technical and commercial experience of the proposed event.

The implementation


The implementation of the business unit structure within the company has led to a major re-evaluation of the way the company views its in-house arm of the business. A more pro-active approach has helped to grow an area which was previously under-represented by the company. Under the guidance of new Sales and Marketing Director, Steve Hannington, the company has developed a fresh strategy for growth of this sector.

Client partnership is a key ingredient in the development of in-company programmes. It is the joint ownership of the training strategy with the client – from the initial briefing through to post course evaluation and assessment – that is the secret for much of the customer satisfaction. Hawksmere provide dedicated client teams to ensure that all elements of the coursework are completed to include interpretation of the initial brief, speaker reference and communication, venue management, content provision and post- course support. As with all partnerships Hawksmere continually monitor the effectiveness of their training, the fit with the organisation?s culture and ethos, financial considerations and the future direction and strategic outlook of the business. It is this very ingredient which sets Hawksmere apart from the mainstream training solution providers.

Creation of ?flagship?


A key to the long-term growth of Hawksmere has been the creation of ?flagship? events such as the International Reinsurance Congress – an annual event in Bermuda (now in its fourteenth year) that has become the must-attend event on the reinsurance professional?s calendar – and The 5 Day MBA? – http://climatemediapartnership.org pozyczki internetowe. Developing the High Performance Manager, which is aimed at developing tomorrow?s directors of business and commerce.


Hawksmere have successfully adopted a category management approach to business. The training arm of the company is broken down into six self-contained business units (Legal & Tax; International; Management, Marketing and PR; Finance and Business; Employment Law and Personnel; Commercial and Project Management) supported by an event management team, marketing, customer services and sales consultancy staff with the expressed goal of ensuring that the buying experience from point of first contact to attending the event is memorable, content-rich and value for money. The following multi-disciplinary teams work on public and in-company training programmes